Developing Professional Journalism in Syria

2.12 Syria
Project Developing Professional Journalism in Syria
Donor or donors MFA
Partner or partners ARA News + Syria Newsdesk
Overall objective Develop professional journalism in Syria by building reliable Syrian news organisations reporting on the country’s ongoing conflict.
Executed activities Institutional Strengthening for news agencies. Strengthen 2 news agency partners, establishing a continued flow of verified information through training, consultancy, and development of sites. Content monitored and analysed (reports). Market position assessed and evaluated and strategy formulated, to be implemented by both agencies based on chances and opportunities.

Capacity building for Syrian Reporters. The ability of the 2 agencies’ network of (hired) professional reporters to report ethically, timely and accurately has been assessed, trained and improved; reporters have been trained. 
Both agencies have been assisted by consultants and advised on how to stay independent and credible.

Security. Improve and maintain security for staff, networks, infrastructure, news and data transfers through training and knowledge exchange.

Achieved results Outcome: SN saw an increase in content output of 76% (target reached +31%). For ARA News the increase of content output was 38%. Total of 26 reporters were trained in multimedia and/or basic journalism with a 100% positive quality evaluation of the trainings. 56 coaching/training hours were offered to SN and 109 coaching/training hours to ARA News. 4 ARA News editors trained in editorial process, 2 ARA News managers were trained in management procedures and 4 SN managers were trained in management procedures. 24 reporters were trained on digital security and/or personal health and safety.

Impact: Security protocol developed and shared with partners. Organisations’ sites are monitored and have been audited; organisations and reporters know who and when to contact if needed. The response to emergencies is fast and effective. No serious incidents (that could have been avoided) have taken place in 2014.