Our results in 10 stories

Do people in conflict areas currently have better access to reliable information? And have we succeeded in training more female journalists? Allow us to give you a look behind the scenes through the following ten stories.

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Highlights 2016

Which results did we achieve in 2016? Did we help journalists to protect themselves and their sources more effectively? In 2016, Free Press Unlimited’s work was once again – unfortunately – justified by new developments. Read the highlights of our efforts in the summary.

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Press freedom monitor

  • Not free / 66 countries
  • Free / 61 countries
  • Partly free / 72 countries

Case Studies

Hagamos Click

Training helps Ecuadorian children’s television to flourish

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Radio Dabanga

Reliable coverage of news in Darfur

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First-line support for online safety

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Reporters Respond

Emergency assistance for journalists

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Z Kids News

News for children (and adults) in Zambia

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Iraqi women present dissenting views online

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Radio soap opera challenges child marriages in Nepal

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Russian-language news platform for independent media

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Non-partisan television channel in Ukraine

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Local radio stations in the Central African Republic

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