Our donors

We are fortunate to have 2770 Friends of Free Press Unlimited, who help make our work possible. They are dedicated and critical individuals, and are not afraid to share their thoughts and occasionally help us hold a mirror to ourselves.

In 2016, we organised the first edition of the Friends Live event, which was filled to capacity. During this event, we invited our Friends ‘in our home’: offering them a guided tour of our offices, with a number of ‘pit stops’ during which we talked about our projects. One of the staff members of the new Russian-Language News Exchange offered a glimpse of the state of the media in today’s Russia. Why is Putin actually so popular in his own country? The editors of Radio Dabanga explained how they succeed in broadcasting independent news reports in Darfur. And the party was rounded off with a meal cooked up by The Syrian Chef. Our Friends’ responses were heart-warming and a welcome boost for Free Press Unlimited’s – occasionally too modest – staff members. We can be proud of our work, and of our loyal Friends. We look forward to welcoming them again next year, during Friends Live 2017.

Thank you for an inspiring evening, and good luck with your important work!” – A Friend of Free Press Unlimited

Countless other Dutch citizens also find our work deserving of their support. In 2016, we received a total of 54,000 in donations from private citizens – a 8,000 euros less than in 2015. This can be explained by the fact that in 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, we received a number of extra donations. . We are very grateful for their involvement with and financial support for our projects.