Our partners

Our key partners are local media organisations like Hromadske.tv and Bo Peshewa. It is only through partners like these that we can achieve solid, long-term results. That is why we structurally involve them in the development of our strategy and approach.

In 2016, we worked together with our partners in laying solid foundations for the implementation of ‘No News is Bad News’ in 13 of the 17 countries that we are active in. In addition, we formulated the objectives and strategies for our programme in Syria in consultation with our Syrian media partners.

“One of the media’s fundamental responsibilities is: Tell the public what is going on. Whether governments like it or not.” – Hromadske.tv, Ukraine

In September and October, Free Press Unlimited carried out a large-scale partner satisfaction survey. This was the first time we organised such a survey ourselves: previous surveys were handled by the sector organisation Partos in collaboration with the British consultancy Keystone. Although Free Press Unlimited scored very high in these polls, we nevertheless weren’t very satisfied with the results. Or rather: with the survey itself. In our view, the response rate – 17 percent – was too low to attach much importance to the conclusions. Now that we have initiated our own survey, we can report a response rate of over 40 percent. While we scored slightly lower in this survey, it has yielded a more realistic picture overall, with a number of clear learning points. For example, while our partners are generally satisfied about their relationship with Free Press Unlimited, many of them would like to receive more support when it comes to managing their organisation, monitoring and evaluation and securing funding. Free Press Unlimited has drawn up a plan of action on the basis of this feedback, and will be repeating this partner satisfaction survey every year to assess the progress made in this area.