Children, Youth and media

One-third of the world population is between 10 and 20 years old. When it comes to effecting true change in a society, children and young people have truly boundless potential. Nevertheless, in many countries, their perspectives and views are given little to no attention.

Free Press Unlimited believes governments and media organisations have a responsibility to also help the youngest generations to better understand the world around them. So that they can reach well-considered decisions and fully participate in their communities.

Media organisations need to make an effort to reach their youth – and know how to effectively communicate with them. That is why we are working with broadcasters and producers all over the world to set up local youth news bulletins under the name ‘WADADA News for kids’. We train local journalists and facilitate the exchange of formats and ideas between the participating programmes. But we also connect organisations that work in the interest of children and adolescents. These organisations are often pursuing the same goals, without actually being aware of the other’s existence. When they join strengths, they can influence their government to create more room for content for and by young people in their media.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that local media organisations take children and adolescents seriously as an audience group and give them the attention they deserve – both in terms of content and policies. Media and journalists need to work in the interest of the entire population and represent the diversity found in their society (please refer to our Theory of Change). And this includes children and adolescents.