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Together with 100 partners, we help media and journalists in 42 countries to become more professional and independent. In nine stories we show our approach and the results.

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Management Report

In a year in which the media seemed to be in complete crisis, independent local media offer a welcome perspective. They are the often-underestimated factor that can make a difference in people’s lives. Courageously and tenaciously they expose abuses and bring stories that matter to their audience. These are the heroes who Free Press Unlimited helped in 2017 to do their work more professionally, safely and financially more sustainable.

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Press freedom monitor

  • Not free / 66 countries
  • Free / 61 countries
  • Partly free / 72 countries

Our Stories

Power of solidarity in Iraq

Collaboration increases the safety of Iraqi journalists

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Tempo Indonesia

Indonesian investigative journalism exposes exploitation

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Young journalistic watchdog in Guatemala

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Radio Tamazuj

Radio Tamazuj: on the path to independence in exile

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Future for Bengali radio stations

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Safety training in Central America

What do you need to know and be able to do as a journalist in violent countries?

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Online platforms for whistle-blowers

Safely and anonymously sharing information with the press

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Media INK

Women conquer Somalian journalism

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Professionalising journalism

Independent, ethical journalism in Syria

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