Complaints procedure

Free Press Unlimited has a complaints procedure for its stakeholders, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards.

Free Press Unlimited works on the basis of the principle that if a complaint comes in, it can teach us something. The procedure sets out a protocol to which all employees must adhere to. Every complaint is processed and registered as quickly as possible, but within 14 days at the latest. If the complainant is dissatisfied about how the complaint is handled, she or he can appeal to the management of Free Press Unlimited. If, after that, the complainant is still not satisfied, the next step is to appeal to the Supervisory Board. If the complaint for which the appeal has been lodged concerns the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board, the Confidential Advisor will deal with it. There is also a 14-day deadline for lodging an appeal, within which Free Press Unlimited must respond. Complainants can always request information about the handling of their complaints.