Confidential Advisor

In 2017, Free Press Unlimited got a new Confidential Advisor, after the 2 members of the confidentiality committee had reached their maximum sitting period of 4 years in 2016.

The Confidential Advisor is the point of contact for employees who wish to file a (well-founded) complaint about a problem that they are unable to resolve with their immediate superior. For complaints about the organisation and labour law complaints, Free Press Unlimited has other channels.

In 2017, the Confidential Advisor received 5 reports of undesirable behavior, 4 of which turned out to be in combination with work-related matters. After talks with those concerned about how they could raise this together, these issues were resolved. In the fifth case, an employee felt sexually intimidated by someone outside Free Press Unlimited. However, the employee did not want to take any action, because it was a one-off contact. The Confidential Advisor received no official complaints or reports of abuses in 2017.