Education and training

Free Press Unlimited encourages its employees to constantly improve themselves, both individually and within their team. Each year we draw up a Continuous Professional Development Plan, in which relevant courses and training are scheduled.

We follow some together, like learning days that take place twice a year. Some are individual, and some training sessions required whole teams to be out-of-office. In 2017, as an organisation, we specifically wanted to become better at learning valuable lessons from projects and programmes. So, we trained ourselves in the use of MEAL methods. Everyone also followed the training ‘how do we raise more awareness for gender (in)equality in our own organisation’ and honed their digital skills.

At the end of 2016, the employee satisfaction survey showed that there was a great need for personal guidance. The fast-growing organisation put more and more demands on management and team leaders. It will not come as a surprise that in 2017 they enthusiastically took advantage of the special coaching plans that Free Press Unlimited arranged for them. Thanks to these coaches, they are better able to manage their own teams and run the organisation more efficiently. All line managers received on-the-job training in 2017; we will continue with this in 2018. Team leaders and management took part in a crisis management training in January and we organised a workshop on fake news for interested parties.

Twice a year we organise learning days (Free Press Unlimited days) for the whole organisation. Everyone who attended said it was super-valuable. Under the coordination of an external party, we look back and ahead, we exchange lessons learned and cross-pollinate each other with solutions for similar problems. We, as an organisation, reap the rewards: a proven good idea from one party is enthusiastically copied and adapted by the other. In January we organised these days for the first time and in September the second session took place.