Works council

In 2016, Free Press Unlimited grew so fast that we employed more than 50 employees. That meant we were ready to replace the staff representatives with a proper Works Council.

After thorough preparation in the first half of 2017, we organised our first Works Council elections in June. The staff representatives drew up statutes and rules with the help of an external expert and negotiated on them with the management. On this basis, the brand-new Works Council started in July for a 3-year period. To ensure things run as smoothly as possible, both Works Council and management received a works council training.

The Works Council drafted a plan in its first six months and prepared for possible support requests. It informed all employees on the contact and communication options, sent updates and organised two meetings with all the employees. Employees approached the Works Council and presented various issues requesting that they be discussed with management. This took place in 4 meetings.

The Works Council and HR, jointly arranged the employee satisfaction survey and urged employees to fill it out – which resulted in a participation rate of 80%. In its short existence, the Works Council met 8 times; it distributes the minutes of these meetings to the employees via e-mail or the internal Wiki. It meets with management every quarter – twice in 2017 – and each month 2 Council members consult with 1 board member.