Safety, like gender, is crucially important for the work of our partners. How can journalists fulfil their watchdog role, expose wrongdoings and injustice, if they are constantly at risk of abuse or worse? How can media provide their audience with independent information, if they are being digitally thwarted or sued? Because safety is not just about physical risks, we propose in the new safety policy that we drew up in 2017.

Digital, legal and psychosocial threats also greatly limit the freedom of journalists. So, also on those fronts, they must be on their guard, given instruments with which to protect themselves and receive support from publishers and media organisations that take safety very seriously.

Free Press Unlimited wants its partners to establish policy to that end, with a keen eye for the different needs of men and women when it comes to safety. We have fine-tuned our own safety regulations (see Our organisation) and we are even more careful than before in our external communication, to safeguard to the safety of our partners, programmes and employees.