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In nine stories, we illustrate how our partners with the support and expertise of Free Press Unlimited continuously strive to deliver independent and reliable information.

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Management Report

We begin this annual report with an unusual summary. This time, not of the number of journalists murdered, threatened or attacked in 2018, but of examples that illustrate the immeasurable importance of their work. What would the world miss if independent journalists did not go to their desks and to power centres, crime scenes and conflict areas every day? Billions of people would have to do without relevant, reliable and independent reporting.

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Press freedom monitor

  • Good situation / 15 countries
  • Satisfactory situation / 28 countries
  • Problematic situation / 66 countries
  • Difficult situation / 52 countries
  • Very serious situation / 19 countries

Our Stories

Media Association of Puntland

Peace Councils increase the safety of Somali journalists

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More women in Nepalese media through gender monitoring

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Fighting for press freedom on the international stage

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Rappers involve Malian youth in the news

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Keeping It Real

Digitally resilient youth

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Psychological support for Nicaraguan journalists

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Iraq’s first independent photo agency

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Arta FM

Independent reporting in Northern Syria

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A press freedom index for Indonesia

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