Complaints procedure

Free Press Unlimited has a complaints procedure for its stakeholders, in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards.

Free Press Unlimited makes every effort to create a safe environment where everyone can express their concern or submit a complaint without fear of repercussions. ‘Everyone’ may includes staff members (see also our integrity policy), but also partners, donors, suppliers or advisors, for instance. In 2018, we greatly improved our complaints procedure, which naturally meets the ISO 9001 standard.

We work on the principles that we make sure it clear for everyone how the procedure works, that we protect people who submit a complaint and that we use the complaint to help us do a better job. To make our make our complaints procedure transparent and accessible, we developed an online complaint form in 2018, which we will put on the website early in 2019. A special complaints officer will deal with all the complaints according to a clear protocol.

In 2018, no complaints were received.