Education and training

The first pillar of our HR policy is reflected in our Continuous Professional Development Plan that we compile every year. It lists all the relevant training and courses that people can follow, either individually or in a team. This is how Free Press Unlimited works on the continuous development of its employees.

Employees share their own ideas for training. In 2018, some chose to take Arabian classes, others a course in time management and still others followed a training in how to write good project proposals. Teams work specifically on concrete proposals that they actually want to submit. Throughout the year, we offer training how to use our internal Wiki, Prezi online presentation tool, social media and secure e-mail via encrypted mail. Because the organisation is putting increasing demands on managers, in 2018 they received coaching in order to better lead their teams.

In January and September, we once again organised Free Press Unlimited days for the whole organisation. Everyone agrees that these ‘learning days’, on location and outside the office, are of great added value. We talked about diversity, the internal work culture, individual development and how to learn from your mistakes. We also presented the No News Is Bad News Midterm Review , discussed our 2018-2022 multi annual strategy and looked in depth at themes such as gender, safety and business models. People were so enthusiastic about these knowledge themes that workgroups will continue with them under guidance of our Knowledge & Quality team.