Free Press Unlimited tries to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible:

  • We encourage travelling by public transport and working from home.
  • We purchase green energy from renewable sources, i.e. solar and wind.
  • We compensate our air travel through sustainable power projects of the Climate Neutral Group: biogas plants in Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania. This CO2 emission was considerably higher than in 2017, partly because we made more short flights; the emission is relatively higher. In 2019, we aim to use the train for travel within Europe.
  • Our paper consumption in 2018 remained stable, despite the increase in the number of employees. We use 50% recycled paper with the European Ecolabel. What helps, is that we digitally share almost all the internal information and revise it through our Wiki.
  • If we buy products, installations or services, we choose the most sustainable and greenest variant where possible.