Remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors

The Standardisation of Top Incomes Act came into effect on 1 January 2013. The Act is applicable to the Free Press Unlimited foundation. In 2018, the applicable remuneration maximum for Free Press Unlimited is € 174,000.

The remuneration policy is explained below and in the notes to the 2018 Annual Report. These notes indicate that the members of Free Press Unlimited’s Supervisory Board are not reimbursed for their activities

Table 1a. Senior Executives. All amounts in euro.

bedragen x € 1 Willems, L.A.M. Kronenburg, R.C.E.
 Details of position
Director Policy and Programs Director Operations
 Start and end of position fulfilment in 2017  01/01-31/12  01/01-31/12
 Part-time factor in FTE  1,0  1,0
 Appointed Senior Executive No No
 (Fictitious) employment contract No No
 Remunderation plus taxable expenses 93,908 92,781
 Remuneration payable over time 12,497 11,036
 Sub total
106,405 103,817
 Individual applicable maximum remuneration 174,000 174,000
 -/- Undue amount paid  N.a.  N.a.
 Total remuneration
106,405 103,817
 Reason why this may or may not be surpassed  N.a.  N.a.
Details 2017
 Start and end of position fulfilment in 2016  01/01-31/12  01/01-31/12
 Part-time factor 2016 in FTE  1,0  1,0
 Remuneration plus taxable expenses 99,371 89,248
 Remuneration payable over time 12,740 11,245
 Totale remuneration 2017 112,111 100,493

Table 1d. Supervisory board senior officials with a remuneration of € 1,700 or less*

Position Name
Chairperson Supervisory Board Daalmeijer, J.J.
Member Supervisory Board Eenkhoorn, B.
Member Supervisory Board De Vries, C.C.
Member Supervisory Board Schaake, M.R.
Member Supervisory Board Gijsbertsen, R.J.
Member Supervisory Board Boer, J.H.
Member Supervisory Board Fuller, M.E.**

Staff ratios

At the end of 2018, Free Press Unlimited employed the equivalent of 61.6 FTE (2017: 56.1 FTE). This includes both permanent and temporary contracts. The work force can be subdivided into 54.8 FTE (2017: 47.8 FTE) in organisation positions at Free Press Unlimited and 6.7 FTE (2017: 8.3 FTE) working within the Radio Dabanga project. Please refer to the Board of Directors’ report for further details.

* Tables 1b and 1c are not applicable to our financial report.
** Mr M.E. Fuller stepped down from the Supervisory Board in the year 2018.