Investigative Funds – Investigating with Tempo



Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Strategic Partnership)


Tempo Institute

Overall objective

To enhance the role of media in investigating and exposing corruption, human rights abuses including human trafficking, environmental issues and criminal cases linked to public interest, in order to reach wider impact to the general public, therefore become a distinctive contribution to establish a just, inclusive and transparent society.

Achieved results

  • 7 High-impact stories produced by the fellows from the ‘Investigative Funds-  Investigate with Tempo’ are published by Tempo Institute
  • The earlier produced investigative stories on human trafficking from Nusa Tenggara to Malaysia, a joint collaboration with Malaysia Kini, resulted in bringing one of the perpetrators to justice.  The Editor in Chief of The Reporter, from Taiwan, said that the results of the coverage had encouraged the Taiwanese government to improve regulations regarding the system of contracts and protection of workers on their fishing vessels.
  • Ground-breaking cooperation with Kompas newspaper (a competitor of Tempo) in follow-up to a story about a cover-up of illegal logging in Papua, resulted in measures taken by the Ministry of Environment
  • 10 fellows from the 2018 Investigative Fellowship cooperated intensively with local media and CSOs on data collection, verification and access to witnesses/sources.
  • The initial 20 fellows that had been trained for the Investigative Fellowship with Tempo Institute, are all using Public Information Disclosure Act (RTI) for their investigations (on topics like human trafficking, illegal mining & logging, environmental pollution, marihuana production and distribution, civil servants corruption)
  • Fellows from the Investigative Fellowships with Tempo work closely with a range of CSOs/NGOs (>20) to gather information and data: national and local NGOs. Topics include migrant workers protection, human trafficking victims rehabilitation etc.
  • 6 new media outlets joined a cooperation with Tempo on the Investigative Fellowships – Tribunnews Network, Banjarmasin Post, Sriwijaya Post, Pikrian Rakyat, Tabloid Jubi, Kupang Post.