Reporters Respond



Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Journalists en Danger (JED), Redes Ayuda, Syrian Journalist Association (SJA), Rory Peck Trust (RPT)

Overall objective

To support media workers in distress, worldwide.

Achieved results

Reporters Respond is an emergency fund for journalists intended to help journalists who experienced threats, injuries, vandalism or intimidation, enabling them to continue their work. Reporters Respond contributes to this objective by providing financial aid to media workers whose profession puts them at risk. Reporters Respond aims to give support as quickly as possible. This fast, small scale, financial support can help prevent more serious damage and enables reporters to continue to do their job and as such provide vital information to the public.

In addition to its emergency fund, Reporters Respond is also able to provide training, coaching and support related to digital, physical and psychological safety. As an instrumental member of the Journalists in Distress network, Reporters Respond aims to contribute to the safety of journalists. Through this network, Reporters Respond ensures that the information on media practitioners in distress is vetted, shared, collected and coordinated within an efficient international network dedicated to the safety of journalists.

In 2018, Reporters Respond received 190 applications, of which 73 were granted. With the Reporters Respond fund, journalists from around the world were supported. The majority of cases that we received and that were granted, were from the MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa region.

Furthermore, Reporters Respond also worked with local partners to provide support to journalists. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Reporters Respond exclusively worked together with Journalistes en Danger (JED). JED granted 15 cases from the DRC. In Syria, an emergency fund was implemented by the Syrian Journalists Association and the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, through which 15 journalists were supported with the contribution of Free Press Unlimited. In Venezuela, due to the ongoing crisis, we worked together with local partner Redes Ayuda to support four Venezuelan journalists. Finally, in collaboration with the Rory Peck Trust, a security training was provided to 16 Cambodian journalists.