Save the Date



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Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)

Overall objective

To contribute to the decrease of child marriages in Nepal through the production of a radio soap.

Achieved results

  • During the entire project period from 2015 till 2018, a total of 118 episodes were produced and broadcast by 58 radio stations.  All of them broadcasted the program twice (one original and one re-broadcast), while a quarter of those stations (17) broadcasted the soap (Mitini) even three times per week (due to audience requests).
  • 16 Case stories are developed on the basis of the testimonies and monitoring, which illustrate how the radio soap is mobilizing community movement against child marriage and has stimulated or inspired behavioral change among individual listeners or groups. The case stories also show the positive influence of Mitini on the radio stations and their staff.

  • An end-line evaluation has been conducted in September-October 2018
  • The Community Radio Support Center (CRSC), NEFEJ and a monitoring consultant have gathered hundreds of testimonies on the impact of the radio soap on communities. Several have been elaborated in case stories.  Among the effects are: community centers using Mitini episodes for street drama and theater, local women groups becoming more vigilant and preventing child marriages, schools using the episodes as classroom discussions and as material to teach amateur theater and many others. In one occasion, a Maoist group came to a radio station to protest a perceived negative depiction of the party in one of the episodes. The radio station offered the group to listen to the episode in question and also some other episodes, after which the group was convinced that the protest was not grounded. In the end, the group even praised the content and offered apologies.

  • Since the start of the Save the Date project, media coverage on the problem of child marriages has increased in frequency and depth.  The issue of child marriage has drawn notable attention of the national mainstream media (both online and print), and this increased attention can also be attributed to the success of Mitini. CRSC/NEFEJ and a monitoring consultant have collected more than 40 articles/features/news stories published from 2016 until mid-2018. The articles cover various aspects of the issue – from problems of the directed affected (young people, families), to state policy, strategy and enforcement, individual or collective action against early marriages, changes in behaviour and even philosophical discourses.