Speak Up Zambia!



European Union (European Development Fund)


Alliance for Community Action, House of Consciousness

Overall objective

To give citizens a voice and to enable media to exercise its role, as watchdog of society.

Achieved results

  • An unique fact-check facility for Zambia is established that acts as a watchdog by fact checking statements made by MP’s related to public resource management. This facility is increasingly recognised as a reliable source and other media republish its reports and will continue to exist beyond the Speak Up Zambia project.
  • The project’s other contribution is that it boosted the information on public resource management and made it available in an easy to follow format and disseminated online. More than 2.000 reports, mostly video, over a period of 3 years. Over 50% of the produced reports contained a gender component, through which the availability of gender related topics and stories in Zambia became more available. There has been no precedent in terms of a project, which has managed to produce this number of reports either dealing with women’s issues or prominently featuring stories of and by Zambian women.
  • The project led to 16 community radio stations being trained in public resource management and 203 individuals, of which 80 were women, trained in Public Social Accountability Monitoring (PSAM) and mobile reporting. This again led to the production of 1.122 mostly video reports, of which more than 600 have been shared with the wider public through the social media accounts of Alliance for Community Action. It is especially gratifying that a number of citizen journalists that were trained through the project were offered employment by partner stations, and as such will carry on applying what they were taught under the Speak Up Zambia project beyond the scope of this project.
  • 7Ccommunity screenings were organised for and in the Kanyama community, enabling those community members without access to internet to see a selection of these reports and in several cases enter into direct engagement on policy with local duty bearers.