Strategic Partnership Program for Enhancing Climate Change Journalism in Nepal



Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Strategic Partnership)


Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)

Overall objective

To raise awareness on environment and climate change, with its mitigation and coping mechanisms, for all people in Nepal including children and young girls, by enhancing the capacity of environmental journalists in terms of quality and quantity.

Achieved results

  • NEFEJ trained 24 journalists in investigative journalism on climate change and environmental issues through a three-day summerschool. From the 24 participants, the 14 most qualified participants were selected to continue with a fellowship. In total 16 stories have been published on the Hakihaki webportal and in the media-outlets where the fellows work (BBC Nepali, Nagarik Daily, TV Today, The Himalayan Times, Sourya Daily, Desh Sanchar online, Kantipur, RSS, NTV/RSS, Madhya Nepal, South Asia Chuking , Naya Patrika Dainik). Until now, 7 stories have been measured as impact-full on various stakeholders as well as local governments that have taken action towards improving the local environment. An example is a fellow who wrote a story about situation of Olani (name of a place) where people are facing problems of safe drinking water facility. After receiving the story the Rotary club of Dhangadi supported the site to provide safe drinking facility in collaboration with Rotary foundation. Another story treated the solid waste disposal by a local government inside dense forest area. The story was followed and copied by many journalists and created pressure to manage solid waste properly. It is first time that the local government is taking action based on the investigative report of a journalist.
  • NEFEJ launched the Haki Haki multimedia webportal, a website that is packaging all mediacontent produced by NEFEJ itself and treats environmental issues and climate change.  The website has reached 143.864 hits/visits at the end of the project period. NEFEJ is actively promoting all its produced media content via its social media accounts, directing all visitors to its website.  In order to promote the webportal better, NEFEJ organized an in-house multimedia training for its online staff. The 3-day programme contained workshops and lectures about creating multimedia storytelling and packaging, ICT technologies (why using .com instead of .org, making the website more user-friendly, data analytics), online boosting of content, and creating short content.
  • NEFEJ organized a total of 4 media discourses around its fellowship programme in province seven in Dhangadhi (42 participants), province two in Janakpur (60 participants), province six in Surkhet (42 participants) and province five in Lumbini (45 participants). An unintended fifth media discourse was held in order to clear up the confusion around the construction of the new airport. As a result of the organized media discourses and the investigative article produced by one of the fellows, a national-wide media debate was triggered about the governments plan to construct an international airport which will sprawl over more than 8045 hectares by clearing a forest area of 2.4 million trees, and will effect both southern Nepal as well as northern India. The fact that the government was planning the construction of a new airport, was publically unknown. NEFEJ has been the main catalyst in making this public as well as setting the agenda for Nepali media to cover this event.
  • The kid news bulletin “Naya Pusta” continued to produce and broadcast three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at prime time on Avenues on 19:45 and on NTV plus on 20:00. In total, the team produced and broadcast 156 episodes (a total 4686 stories) that covered climate change and environmental related topics that are specifically tailored to children.   A total of 11 schools have been visited to screen a compiled version of Naya Pusta, interact with the target group and collect feedback on the show. The Central Child Welfare Committee and Federation of Nepalese Journalists awarded two members of NayaPusta on June 12 for being child friendly journalists. In the reporting period, Naya Pusta broadcast their 500th episode.