Support on 3 strategies for sustainability of Free Journalism in Honduras



Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Strategic Partnership)


Producciones red communica (Contracorriente)

Overall objective

Achieved results

  • Capacity building activities were undertaken in the field of financial and project management, organisational structure and strategy, editorial competences and setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Contracorriente was able to take part in FOROCAP 2018, to increase visibility of Contracorriente and to allow the journalists to learn and improve in their work.

  • A special website on extravism was set up and a transmedia report on the topic was produced.

  • A photo report and chronicle on the situation of women soccer fan clubs, double stigma and violence.

  • 4 chronicles about power networks in the territories were produced.

  • A report on restrictive laws for the development of sexuality of women and the LGTBQ community in the current dictatorship was produced.

  • A report on human rights violations after the elections of November 2017.

  • Two public events to discuss the thematic specials were organised one on extractivism and two on women in sports clubs.